Vanessa Warren | Designer & Stylist

Bio: Vanessa Warren, the owner of Butterfly Sparks (a graphic design and creative styling company built to connect entrepreneurs and artists with photographers for brand make up), is a native of Dallas and graduated from SMU with a degree in advertising. After graduating, she moved to Nashville and worked for EMI in their marketing division for about eight years. After having their first child, Vanessa and her husband decided to come back home (to the greatest state, in her opinion) in order to be closer to their family. Since then, she has been firmly planted in the community and has succeeded in contributing to the cultivation of the arts in Dallas.

Luckily, we were able to catch for a minute amidst her busy schedule (a full-time mom and business owner!!!!) and she answered some questions for us so that we could get to know her better. I hope you enjoy this correspondence and are able to get an insight into this wonderful woman who has contributed so much to enrich the arts in our community.

AHD: How long have you been in Dallas?

Vanessa: I was born & raised in Dallas. After I graduated from SMU, I packed my bags and headed to Nashville, TN where I worked at EMI for about 8 years in the marketing division. After we had our son, my husband & I were anxious to move back home [Dallas] so we could be near family again. We've been back in Dallas since August 2010 & we're thrilled to be back! I'm one of those proud Texans & my Nashville friends were getting tired of hearing about it [jealous].

AHD: How did you find out about Art House?

Vanessa: Art House originated in Nashville, so I had several creative friends affiliated with Art House when I lived there. I had heard amazing things about Art House + Charlie Peacock, so when I was informed Art House Dallas was opening, I knew I had to be apart in some way. I absolutely love that a part of Nashville is here with me in Dallas.

AHD: What is your favorite restaurant in Dallas?

Vanessa: Well, in Nashville I felt deprived of any delicious authentic Mexican food, so Mi Cocina is my number one choice at the moment. Jasper's is another favorite. Honestly, it changes every month!

AHD: How would you describe your work?

Vanessa: Well, there's two parts to what I do …

Butterfly Sparks [Designs] primary focus is to service entrepreneurs by creating brand identities for their businesses. I absolutely LOVE connecting with photographers who are passionate about what they do. So, putting to use my marketing background to help one identify what encompasses their brand makes me a very happy person.

Butterfly Sparks [Creative] came about as an effort to remove myself from the computer & allow my love for interior design & all things fashion to be used in a creative way. I love photography & dreaming up a storyboard of what to shoot, so naturally, I just fell in love with prop styling. There’s just such a freedom when you step away from the digital world & just let your mind run wild & make those crazy dreams come to life in a photograph.

AHD: What do you love about your work?

Vanessa: I love connecting with people. I consider it a privilege that people would consider me to dream up a brand or a photo shoot with them. I love every bit of the process, but walking away with new friendships at the end of the experience is truly what I love the most.

AHD: In what ways does your faith inform what you do?

Vanessa: It's everything. My faith impacts how I run my business and interact with my clients. At the end of the day, I want a person to feel like they interacted with someone who aims to be real, authentic & honest. Those values are very important to me.

AHD: In helping artists to get out there, do you find that Butterfly Sparks is an art in itself? If
so, in what way?

Vanessa: Yes. From the design perspective, I am designing a brand that will represent an artists' business that is near & dear to them. From the styling perspective, I am working hands on with creatives to tell a story through a photograph. So, working with other creatives in both arenas is a joy for me. I want each creative that I partner with to succeed BIG & if I can be apart of that in some way, I consider it an honor.

AHD: What project are you working on right now?

Vanessa: I am currently prepping for a creative workshop that I will be co-hosting in Nashville on June 5th with the talented photographer, Kelli Trontel. JOLT [the creative shop] will be a place where passion, collaboration & inspiration collide. We will be discussing the importance of being you, understanding social media & how to use it, how to find inspiration & the power of collaboration. Our hope is that each person who attends will come expecting & leave inspired. If you're in Nashville & would like to join us, please do!