Art House Dallas seeks to bring artists and creatives out of isolation and into community. We believe that when people come together in community they and their work excel. Our programming reaches individuals across many genres of the arts including: music, writing, visual art, creative inspiration, and spiritual formation.


Art House Exchange

Art House Exchange is a pub gathering that exists for the exchange of ideas and creative discussion across mediums. This event is geared toward the creative community at large, not one specific vocation. The Exchange provides attendees opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, encouragement, and discussion between fellow musicians, writers, artists and others who share a passion for creativity and imaginative living.

Awaken Creativity for Writers

Some of the greatest writers of the last century found their encouragement and inspiration in meeting with other authors. Awaken Creativity for Writers aims to create the same environment today by holding monthly meetings to facilitate discussion, feedback, encouragement and direction. Our writer's groups take place in Dallas on the third Thursday and Fort Worth on the second Saturday of each month. 

Da Vinci’s Easel

Painting and producing, drawing and dreaming can so often flourish in the company of others. Da Vinci's Easel painters' group aims to draw together artists for the purpose of painting together and building community with one another. This small group is imited to 5-10 participants and meets once a month in a local artist's studio.


Through the Deploy program, Art House Dallas connects local artists with underserved communities enabling them to share their creativity, experience, and passion with communities who have little or no exposure to the arts and artistic expression. This is done by musicians, visual artists, and photographers personally bringing their own work into underserved communities and sharing it with them.

I look forward to being inspired by my friends at the next Songwriters Dinner, learning together at the next Origin luncheon, and making new ones at the next Art House Exchange.
— Paul Demer, singer-songwriter

Feedback for Songwriters

Feedback for Songwriters is a program dedicated to creation through collaboration. We invite songwriters to engage with one another in small groups. Each group is led by facilitators who have exhibited longevity in the forms of songwriting and publishing to explore strengths and growth in an encouraging environment.

Feedback for Writers

Feedback for Writers is a program dedicated to creation through collaboration. We invite writers to engage in a small group critique led by facilitators who have exhibited longevity in the form of writing to explore strengths and growth in an encouraging environment.

For the love of words

For the Love of Words is an evening intended specifically for writers, to gather together for the sake of community, discussion and, of course, words. At this gathering, we feature local authors as well as a time for dialogue to meet those around you. We hope you will come make friends, discuss current writing projects, favorite books read, and discover collaborative opportunities!

The Art House Dallas Internship Program is open to currently enrolled college students and is designed to provide professional experience in the fields of event planning, marketing, web design, and graphic design. Each semester, Fall, Spring, and Summer, two internship positions are available. Find full descriptions and more details here.


Our Origin series is crafted to establish a wholeness and connectedness between art and faith with the ultimate intent to establish a sacred perspective in how the individual responds creatively. We believe that God, as the original and ultimate Creator, made mankind after His own image, endowed us with the faculties to think and create, and calls us to be like him in our participation of cultivating goodness, truth, and beauty. Origin is comprised of a series of monthly luncheons featuring presentations and facilitated discussions directed by Art House Dallas leaders.

Partner Events

With the guiding tenant that the community is stronger when we work together, Art House Dallas has cultivated strong local collaborative partnerships across multiple disciplines throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area including; Heart House, Dallas Entrepreneur Center, West Dallas Community School, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas International Film Festival, All Saints Dallas, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Film Matters, All Saints Dallas, Mercy Street, Advocates for Community Transformation, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, DFW Writers Conference, The Village Church, Melody of Hope and more.

Songwriters Dinner

Our Songwriters Dinner is an evening filled with collaboration and conversation. Music and food possess the power to unite people like nothing else and songwriters are invited to delve into discussion, harmonies, and play music over a great meal with fellow songwriters.  

Visual Artists Dinner

Our Visual Artists Dinner is a time for visual artists to connect over dinner with like-minded individuals. Space is limited to no more than 15 guests in order to create an environment conducive to conversation and questions.


Upcoming Art House Dallas Events