Cameron Ernst | Singer-Songwriter


Bio: Cameron Ernst, an emerging artist in our own backyard, writes music filled with passion and sincerity that obviously stems from the depths of his soul (check out his music here: Though originally from Kansas, he began his career in college at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and then soon found himself placed in the great city of Dallas, Texas.

Currently, his efforts have been focused around his latest release, “Love is Louder,” a project focused on spreading the message of love in connection with the anti-bullying movement initiated by actress Brittany Snow, MTV, and the JED foundation. We had the opportunity to ask him some questions in order for all of us in the community to get to know him better – I hope that you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

AHD: How did you first find out about Art House?

Cameron: A family friend of mine introduced me to Brad Reeves when I graduated from college. I soon met Jenny White and knew that Art House was a part of why God had me come to Dallas.

AHD: What is your go to coffee shop in Dallas?

Cameron: Crooked Tree Coffee

AHD: What musician you would love to sit down with and get to know?

Cameron: Such a tough question, but probably Issac Slade from The Fray because I've heard such good things about him and that he is a genuine person.

AHD: For you, what is the purpose of music?

Cameron: To tell stories of truth. Whether it's hope, love, hurt, should take us on a journey, both the songwriter and the listener, and leave us craving something more.

AHD: In what ways does beauty and truth affect you and how does that translate into your work?

Cameron: When beauty touches me, it completely consumes me and becomes a passion that is all I can think about. It feels like my heart has to pump faster to fuel that passion that is burning in me. And in the right moment, that passion will translate into a melody or words that perfectly capture the feeling.

AHD: Do these aspects of art and beauty inform your faith?

Cameron: I believe that beauty is from God and so when art is a depiction of beauty, it can be a way of experiencing God. I would say that my faith is definitely strengthened when I am touched by beauty in art. I don't always recognize it like I should, but maybe it sinks in later. For me, music is the art that can stop me in my tracks and really make me examine my life and what God is doing in me and others—even if it's just by admiring the talent of another artist.

AHD: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

Cameron: I don't “perform” this one a lot, but I love playing a song I wrote called “Quiet Down Mind” that really does just that. It quiets me down—my thoughts, my dreams, my worries—and is a song that I believe came straight from God as comfort.

AHD: What is the best concert you have ever played?

Cameron: Another tough question, but I would say my first Love is Louder assembly that I played at Glen Este High School in Cincinnati was such a rush. I had no idea what to expect, and I was completely blown away by the energy from the students and the positive vibe of the whole event. Performing alongside the a capella group and getting to connect with all of the students afterwards is something I will never forget.

AHD: If you could open for any musician right now- who would it be?

Cameron: The Civil Wars because I love how they just play acoustic—just voices and a guitar/piano—and that's how I play live as well. Stripped down music is the best, in my opinion.

AHD: What's the biggest challenge about being an emerging musician?

Cameron: Getting people to come out to shows when you're playing in the same area (your home base).

AHD: What are you most exited about Art House in Dallas?

Cameron: Meeting new people with new perspectives and experiencing fellowship with other artists.