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Since 2010 Art House Dallas has been nourishing the creative community in Dallas. We have inspired, encouraged, and supported the work of hundreds of artists across many disciplines including photographers, painters, singer-songwriters, writers, entrepreneurs, designers, and many others.  

Beyond what we traditionally think of as art, we believe that EVERYONE is creative. Our lives are a canvas and we are all responsible for cultivating creativity for the common good of our community. We believe strong cultures are built when people live creatively. 

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Volunteering at Art House Dallas is an excellent way to get further connected to both Art House Dallas and the community of creatives who care about creativity for the common good.
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Support Art House Dallas

Art House Dallas is a 501(c)(3) If you believe in the Art House Dallas vision or have benefited from the community, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your generous patronage makes it possible for us to curate events and regular programing, provide artist care, and pay our staff.  We are deeply grateful for your contributions which help us continue our mission of cultivating creativity for the common good. 


Programs & Events

Art House Dallas seeks to bring artists and creatives out of isolation and into community. We believe that when people come together in community they and their work excel. Our programming reaches individuals across many genres of the arts including: music, writing, visual art, creative inspiration, spiritual formation and more.


We work to cultivate creativity for the common good and we can’t do it without you! Art House Dallas hosts over 40 events every year. An extra hand is always welcome. If you would like to get to know more of the Art House Dallas community, volunteering at our events is an excellent way to get connected.


Would you like to intern for Art House Dallas? We offer Fall, Spring and Summer internships. The Internship Program is open to currently enrolled college students and is designed to provide professional experience in the fields of event planning, marketing, web design, and graphic design.


Scholarships & Sponsorships

We realize event costs can be prohibitive for some, we offer need-based Art House Dallas scholarships and sponsorships to provide financial assistance for those who wish to attend events or need funding for projects. Scholarship and sponsorship awards vary, depending on the cost of the event, the level of need and are considered based on community involvement and missional alignment. Apply for a scholarship here.