Deploy | Artists in the Community

The way that we form identity and shape storytelling is through the arts. Our hope is that everyone would have access to the arts and artistic expression.
— Marissa Delcambre, Executive Director

Through our Deploy program, Art House Dallas connects local artists with underserved communities enabling them to share their creativity, experience, and passion with communities who have little or no exposure to the arts and artistic expression.

Art House Dallas holds the belief that beauty recognized through arts and culture holds a powerful ability to infuse and preserve hope within society. Through the arts and artistic expression, we both individually and collectively make sense of our stories and form our identities.

With the belief that communities grow stronger when we work together Art House Dallas implements the Deploy program through collaborative partnerships with organizations already working directly with underserved populations. Historically these partners have included Mercy Street, West Dallas Community School, and Heart House to name a few.

If you believe in the Art House Dallas vision to cultivate creativity for the common good or have benefited from the community, please consider making a tax-deductible donation this North Texas Giving Day. Donations can be scheduled now until September 20th.

If you would like to get involved with Deploy you can read more about it here as well as fill out a survey.