Clark Jones & Amy Boykin | O, Loveland



Bio: A band formed in the fall of 2011. It all began with some good times and open mic nights. Clark Jones and Amy Boykin quickly combined their art into O, Loveland.

Hometown: Amy (Loveland, OH), Clark (Dallas, TX)

Current City: Waco, TX

AHD:  How long have the two of you made "stomping, dancing folk music" in and around the Waco area? Are you heading to Dallas anytime soon?

CJ & AB: We’ve been in the Waco area since starting the band in August of 2011. Both of us hope to be more involved in Dallas this coming fall. 

AHD: O, Loveland has been described as "that couple across the street that play beautiful music." What's the origin of the name O, Loveland, and what are some of the themes you deal with in your songs?


CJ & AB: Amy grew up in Loveland, OH and Clark got to visit Amy’s hometown before the band started. We both enjoy the little town Loveland. It’s the “Sweetheart of Ohio,” so, in thinking about it, the name O, Loveland fit. We added the “O” almost as a romantic sigh. Our love and remembrance of our homes, family, friends, and experiences are a big part of our songwriting. Also, being a couple – soon to be married – we certainly find ourselves writing about love. The greatest theme we write about is our relationship, struggles and questions with the divine and those close to us. It’s important in our lives to be real about what we are experiencing, that we can’t help but include those struggles in our writing.

AHD: While marriage isn't a must for every songwriting duo, it appears to be on the O, Loveland horizon. Has your relationship helped you to more intimately incorporate "good times, hard times, and everything in between" into your songwriting?

CJ & AB: Yes, definitely. We don’t make stuff up. As in, we write about the real feelings we’ve experienced relationally. Songwriting is a lot like dating. Some dates are really fun and over the top. Some dates are heavy. Some are watching Arrested Development with mozzarella sticks. When we write, the session can be awesome, and we get along great, and end up with a fun song. Other times we don’t come up with anything. But regardless of the outcome, it’s hard to neglect our relationship in songwriting. 


AHD: The band spent a spell on the Uproar Records label, a student operated label that helps up and coming musicians become familiar with the practical aspects of being career artists. How did your time with Uproar help you develop? 

CJ & AB: We learned about the recording experience and how to work with a manager. Because we were on the label at Baylor, there were many opportunities to play on campus that first year as a band.

AHD: You two wield guitars, mandolins, banjos, pianos, tambourines and harmonicas during a live set. Why is it so important to mix it up on stage? 

CJ & AB: It’s good for us to not get in a routine. We don’t want every song to be a formula, nor do we want our sets to be exactly alike.

AHD: How can we learn more about the band, own some tunes and check out a show in person?

CJ & AB: Check out our Facebook page! Our EP is on iTunes. And come see us open for Page CXVI in Dallas on June 25th — RSVP HERE.