Cary Pierce | Producer, Singer-Songwriter, & Performer


Bio: Cary Pierce is a producer, singer-songwriter and performer. His mission is to connect with millions of people and make their lives better through his music, performance and production. His songs and co-writes have appeared on almost 4 million records. He has shared stages with John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Train, Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, Wallflowers, Vertical Horizon, Sheryl Crow, Mat Kearney, Jewel, Lyle Lovett, No Doubt, Collective Soul, - to name a few.Cary was instrumental in the early development of Vertical Horizon, Evan & Jaron, Jack Ingram and Guster. He has also produced and/or co-written records for Chris Tomlin (7x Dove Award, 2x Grammy nominated, certified Platinum & Gold, several no. 1 chart positions), Graham Colton (Universal), Jack Ingram (Universal/Big Machine), Jon Abel and more. Cary is on the Creative Council for Art House Dallas, and has been commissioned by the highly acclaimed Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to work with hand-selected kids, write and produce songs for commercial release. Cary is also half of the band Jackopierce (Jack O'Neill & Cary Pierce). For twenty three years, Jackopierce has toured the world in 44 states, 10 countries, on 3 continents. In Sept 08, they released their first record in 12 years called "Promise of Summer." Their latest album, "Everywhere All The Time," comes out Aug 28, 2012 on Be Music & Entertainment. Cary lives in Dallas with his wife and family.

Hometown: Born in Buffalo, NY but since I've been in Dallas 25 years - this is home. 

Favorite Dallas hangout: The Arboretum  

AHD: You currently serve on Art House Dallas’ Creative Council. When did you first hear about AHD, and how did you come to be involved?

CP: I heard of Charlie Peacock through a friend in Nashville. Weeks later Charlie was sharing the stage with Sara Groves and my friend Patrick Ryan Clark at a church in Dallas. I went, met him and made plans to hang with him in Nashville when I was back there. I was blown away by the “space” of Art House. I just wanted to hang out there. A lot of my recordings are¬ done in home studios and Art House felt like a home – which it is!

AHD: As a musician who met with early success and subsequent struggles, how do you hope to help emerging artists, musicians or otherwise through Art House Dallas?

CP: I hope they’ll learn that fame is nothing and seeking it and/or money is an empty pursuit. I hope they learn to chase after wisdom and humility and that “all hard work yields a profit.”  I learned the very hard way that we’ve been given gifts. We are to use those gifts to make the world a better place. We have been given much, and therefore much is required. We have a microphone and a medium to communicate that many do not have. We will always have a choice and I hope we choose what is “true, right, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.”


AHD: While many may know you as the co-founder of the folk-rock duo Jackopierce, you’ve also gone on to release solo material, produce and lead worship. Of your storied career in the music business, which part has been most fulfilling thus far?

CP: It is all part of the story, with nothing really being at the forefront. I do admit that I LOVE traveling to amazing locations and scouting/setting up our Destination Shows. We’ve done Austin Hill Country, Aspen, Martha’s Vineyard and Sonoma, and we’re doing the Biltmore Estate in Asheville Oct 19 & 20. I also love co-writing and producing. 

AHD: Will you tell us a bit about Foreverything Music?

CP:Foreverything Music started with a little 6-song solo EP I did. On the inside, it says thank you for everything – and that just seemed to sum it all up. It’s a nod of gratitude to the fans but really a thank you to God for giving me life and a voice and the ability to make music.

AHD: How would you describe the musical progression from your debut album in 1990 to your upcoming release, Everywhere all the Time?

CP: I think we sing, play and write better now. I honestly don’t think we were very good until T-Bone Burnett produced our Major Label debut, “Bringing on the Weather.” I don’t think we really gave the record label “singles” to work with. I think the writing is better now because we actually work at it. Too much came too easy for too long and then in 1997, it was all taken away. Thanks to God, Jackopierce was given back to me in 2002 and we’ve been playing ever since.

AHD: Has your enduring time in the local scene given you a unique perspective on Dallas music? What’s your take on the city’s growing creative community?

CP: I’m floored at how many world-class musicians/writers are in town and choosing to stay here. It’s not easy to do but the local scene AND the local church has provided a lot of these musicians a way to make a living and stay in town. It’s a huge blessing and has given me a fresh new perspective on making music here. If we can’t keep the players here, there is no scene. I’m excited for AHD to provide another place where they feel connected to Dallas and can do “work that matters.” 

AHD: Where can we go to learn about upcoming shows and find new music?

CP: There is a FREE sampler of our new album at Everywhere All The Time comes out August 28, and all our dates and info can be found at I am also writing a book on being creative for a living and I post new chapters at My twitter handle is carypierce1.