Mandy Rogers | Visual Artist

Mandy Rogers is an abstract painter residing in Dallas, Texas.  She began painting two years ago as a way to release emotion and discovered an ability to connect with people from all walks of life.  She found that clarity of speech did not come from how well or often she spoke, but rather came most articulately through her paintbrush.

Paul Demer | Singer - Songwriter

Texas singer-songwriter Paul Demer interweaves spiritual imagery and personal biography to craft thought-provoking, hopeful re-remembrances of old stories. An heir to the melodic, sensitive-songwriter tradition, Demer has been compared to folk troubadours James Taylor and Neil Young, as well as contemporary balladeers Jon Foreman and Andrew Peterson.

Kate Petty | Author

Kate’s storytelling humbly began at the age of three with a mystical scroll of stories (i.e., a bamboo sushi mat) and an awe-stricken, captivated audience (i.e., two very amused parents). Eventually she traded the sushi mat for a notebook and then a computer, but she likes to think she’s maintained the same spirit for invention and creativity.