Rhythms of Rest

“In each season of life, I come up against my own finite existence, but somehow, I am still surprised by it.“

-Andi Ashworth in Real Love for Real Life

One of the songs that I’ve had stuck in my head lately is Sara Groves' "Finite", from her most recent album Invisible Empires. The lyrics play off the old Whitney Houston classic, "I’m Every Woman". She starts off the song with saying: “I’m not every woman/It’s not all in me/I’m proud and guarded/When it comes to my needs.” Sara’s lyrics acknowledge the truth that we can’t do it all, and further, that we don’t like to admit where we need boundaries and rest. 

 Like our lovely Art House America co-founder, Andi Ashworth, I am also one of those people who is continuously surprised by my own limitations. I choose to believe it’s possible to work at an intense level day after day, while ignoring the possibility that this pace of life could be detracting from my relationships and creativity. 

I need to hear over and over again the beautiful confession at the end of Sara’s song, reminding me: “I’m finite/I come to an end/I’m finite/I cannot pretend.”  Do you need to hear that as well? All I have to say is thank goodness for summer, and the opportunities this time of year provides us to slow down and recharge.  We are so desperately in need of these rhythms of rest because they help us be the kind of creative and caring people we long to be. 

As part of our mission to encourage and equip the creative community, this summer we are tangibly trying to set an example in slowing down our pace. Rooted in our belief that rest is essential to being good creators, (see also: the Genesis Creation Narrative) our team is establishing July as an (almost) event free month. We’ll be stepping back to gather perspective, plan ahead and enjoy playing with family and friends. We hope that you will join us over the next month in taking a break to catch your breath, and that in doing so you are renewed for the season ahead. 

Hope to see many of your (well-rested) faces at our Art House Exchange in August. Until then, have a great summer!

Jenny White

Executive Director

Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Leitzinger

Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Leitzinger