May Update: Kitchens and Catalyst


I had a moment today when I realized I still hadn't flipped my wall calendar to the month of May. April has come and gone and we have some great events we'd love for you to be a part of this month. We continue to move full steam ahead with building plans and our architects are promising me a new 3D layout this next week that I'd love to share with y'all. I'm writing you from our interior designers' office and one of our projects today is designing the layout of our culinary arts kitchen. As someone who is passionate about food and the way it connects us to each other around a table, it has been so much fun dreaming up ideas for this particular room in the Art House. Not only am I excited about cooking in our kitchen, but I also look forward to providing you opportunities to explore your own creativity with food at our cooking classes. From bringing in some of Dallas’ top chefs for demonstrations to providing time with you and your children to cook together, I am certain we'll have a culinary experience for everyone. Let me know what ideas you have so we can add them into the mix as we are planning programs for 2013!

In addition to designing our new space, I've also been prepping to speak next week at Catalyst Dallas, where over 3,000 leaders from all over will join together for three days of encouragement and teaching on the idea of Being Present. I'm looking forward to hearing more from the two amazing women also speaking on my panel, Lauren Chandler and Jennie Allen, as well as having an opportunity to share some of the lessons learned since starting Art House Dallas. If you happen to be coming to the conference, I hope you'll stop by our Lab on Wednesday or come say hello at the Art House Dallas booth sometime throughout the event. If you can't make it to the conference, I hope to see you at some of the other events we have coming up this month! Don't miss out on our next Art House Exchange in May, as we're taking a summer break with the Exchange until August! 

Happy (almost) Summer!