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ORIGIN Summer Series | May - August 

There are few things more sacred in life than points of origin. The point from where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives begin holds potent ability to echo and endure through generations and to shape how people and cultures (continue reading) ...

Art House Exchange | Thursday, June 7

Connecting you to others for encouragement and inspiration is fundamental to every Art House event. The Exchange is Art House Dallas' semi-monthly pub gathering, providing active creators an opportunity for (continue reading)...

Artist Talk & Brunch | Saturday, June 23

Come hear from photographer Sylvester Jacobs as he talks about his work and shares decades of experience in bringing together his faith and work as an artist. Brunch provided. (continue reading)...

Da Vinci's Table | Thursday, July 19

There are few experiences better than connecting over a delicious meal with good conversation. Da Vinci's Table builds on this idea by gathering together painters and visual artists in his or her artistic discipline (continue reading)...

Awaken Creativity Writers Groups

Some of the greatest writers of the last century found their encouragement and inspiration in meeting with other authors. Art House Writers groups meet monthly to participate in creative discussions, feedback, collaboration and (continue reading)...

Da Vinci's Easel | Monthly: 2nd Monday

Painting and producing, drawing and dreaming can so often flourish in the company of others. Our new Da Vinci's Easelpainters' group aims to draw together artists for the purpose of painting (continue reading)...

Deploy | Ongoing 

Deploy is designed for artists to share their creativity with people who may have little or no exposure to arts and culture. In its third year, participating artists will be “deployed” to serve at Heart House, Mercy Street, WDCS, and (continue reading)...


Advanced Film Screening | Tuesday, May 29 

Art House Dallas will be hosting a free, advanced screening of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? this Tuesday, May 29 at Magnolia Theater in Dallas. If you'd like to attend this screening email for more information.

Summer-Colors-2018 Save the Date (1) (1).jpeg

Summer Colors | July 26 

Art House Dallas has partnered with Scottish Rite Hospital for their annual Summer Colors event benefitting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children to be held on Thursday, July 26th. 


At Art House Dallas, we want our events to be opportunities for all to experience creative growth in community. Because we realize event costs can be prohibitive for some, we offer need-based Art House Dallas scholarships to provide financial assistance for those who wish to attend. Scholarship awards vary, depending on the cost of the event and the level of need. Apply for a scholarship here. 

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