Artful Living Series

The Artful Living Series is a program designed to provide broader discussion of cultural ideas and personal development. This event is geared toward the creative community at large, not one specific vocation. At this event, you can hear from cultural leaders, be exposed to new ideas, and ultimately  learn how to more effectively contribute to the common good of our culture.

Past Events in the Artful Living Series


Culture Care :: January 13th, 2013

Whether you spend time working in the arts, education, business, civic, social justice or politics, you have been uniquely equipped to engage areas that affect our city and ultimately, our culture. Join Art House Dallas on Sunday, January 13th as we kick off the new Artful Living Series through a lively conversation with  two internationally acclaimed visual artists, Makoto Fujimura and Bruce Herman. You will learn from their unique experiences of engaging the culture through visual art, hear how their personal faith has specifically informed their journey, and join in the discussion with your own questions about cultural stewardship. We each have a role to play in contributing to the common good of Dallas, and we hope you leave encouraged to explore what this looks like in your own life. 

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Beauty and Justice :: February 28th, 2012

Join us for an evening with special guest, Gideon Strauss, and how he explains how beauty brings forth justice. Gideon currently works as the executive director of the DePree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. He is also a senior fellow with the Center for Public Justice, where he previously served as Chief Executive Officer and editor of Capital Commentary. Before joining the Center for Public Justice, Strauss served as editor of the journal Comment at the think tank Cardus (previously known as the Work Research Foundation), and as the Research and Education Director of the Christian Labour Association of Canada.

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