Art House Local


What is Art House Local?

An important aspect of cultivating culture is rooted in the exchange of ideas. However contentious these exchanges may be it is vital for the discernment of truth. In recent years there have been trends in our culture to merely accept what has been taught and given to us through various mediums – classrooms, television, churches, the internet, etc. However good these mediums of information and education can be, we want to follow in the steps of great thinkers and commit ourselves to the arduous work of discovering wisdom. It is not in passivity that we find ourselves, but in the work mentioned above. God, in his infinite wisdom, equipped his beloved creation with the faculties to discern truth – His truth, in order to draw nearer to Him. Thus, in our desire to live holistically as the imago dei, Art House Local will provide a space (in your local community) to engage in discussion, be sharpened intellectually, and to be built up spiritually with others who desire to not just talk about ideas, but to implement them and live them out in order to bring about a more just, truth infused, creative world.


Art House Local has taken place in the following cities: 

Arlington, Dallas, Denton, Flowermound, Fort Worth, Oak Cliff, Plano, Richardson and Rockwall


Past Readings for Art House Local: 

The Culture is Upstream from Politics by Dr. Steven Garber

Justice and the Pivotal Movement by Charlie Peacock

A Letter to Young Artists by Makoto Fujimura

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis

Imagine by Steve Turner

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